Celebrating the Beauty of the Finnish Landscape

The Finnish Lake district is often considered to be the true heart of Finland. For many it represents the beauty of the Finnish nature at its simplest and purest. Busy villages surrounded by luscious meadows, green forests filled with berries and mushrooms to the delight of creatures big and small... and those thousands of lakes to plunge into, be it summer or winter.

We have created Lakeland Heritage Finland to celebrate the landscape and the lifestyle that have long impressed and attracted visitors from near and far.

" A blue labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals, interspersed with forests and ridges, stretching for hundreds of kilometres in a placid and staggeringly beautiful expanse."

Visit Finland promotion

We are launching our first collection of locally crafted interior decoration during fall of 2023. It consists of unique design trays, made in Finland from luminous birchwood veneer and authentic pieces of traditional wallpaper in a variety of pretty patterns. Each tray has been hand-assembled - there are no two alike.

More to come. Follow our news here!

Lakeland Heritage Finland is a brand created by Cultural Vitamin, a consulting company specialized in creative industries. For inquiries contact us at info@culturalvitamin.com